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Do you want to serve foreign markets, support existing international clients or simply stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly globalizing market? Well, then let me translate your business documents and online visibility from French, English and German into Dutch/Flemish. Do you need a translation in another language combination? No problem, I will be happy to put you in contact with one of the many translators in my network. You will receive an offer based on the number of words in the source text. As a freelance translator, I am also available outside office hours and I can offer very flexible deadlines.

SEO Translations

You would like to sell in Belgium or the Netherlands? In that case, you will want to add the keywords used by Dutch or Flemish speakers to your commercial texts. While translating from English, French or German, I adapt the translation based on Flemish and Dutch keywords. I use keyword search tools to perform this kind of SEO translations.

Proofreading & Localization

Not quite sure about your text or translation? If so, let me proofread it before publication. My eyes scan your texts for linguistic, spelling and grammatical errors and for ease of reading. Based on my comments and feedback you can publish the perfect story.

Would you like your translation to reflect the regional culture, holidays or sensitivities? That's possible! Have it localized and give your brand the credibility and trust it deserves.

You can also have your product names and slogans checked to see if they have a negative connotation in Dutch or Flemish.


No inspiration, no time and no idea how to start? Are you staring at an empty screen, trying to find the right words for your blog, advertisement, speech or social media posts? Stop wasting time and let me do my magic trick with words. Just fill me in on some background information, let me know your target audience and tell me the purpose of your call to action. With a little bit of hocus pocus, I will quickly conjure up a smooth and correct text in Dutch or English. And simsalabim...

About Me

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The translation microbe struck me in my teens. While my peers went crazy on the rock songs of the 80's, I translated the lyrics in my head. The symptoms got worse and eventually I was even translating complete books in my spare time, just for fun. My study choice was obvious, but even after my studies in business translation, the microbe continued to proliferate. I learned the basics of the Russian and Spanish languages. After I had gained enough experience in the business world, I ventured into freelance life and became a professional translator. I would never get rid of my microbe again. So, I learned to live with it and started using dictionaries, CAT tools and a lot of experience as a daily remedy. 

Am I a walking dictionary then? No, I'm not, but I find it incredibly fascinating to get lost in the subject of my translation project every time again. As a result, I have a very broad knowledge and am active in various industries. Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools such as Trados, XTM, MemSource, Transit NXT and Wordbee no longer hold any secrets for me.

After 15 years of translating, I felt the need to broaden my horizons a bit and so I started a copywriting course. Not sure if it would be something for me or whether I would have enough inspiration, but this was a dream come true for me. Writing stories, trying to get on paper what the client wants to tell is often magic. Staring at an empty page, waiting for the words to come, is not how it works. Copywriting is a process in which you listen, think things through and then, all of the sudden (in my case mostly in the middle of the night!) the words start to flow and you can't stop writing.

Although I certainly don't want to cut back on my translation services, I do intend to accept a writing assignment every now and then. This way I can let my creativity run wild and satisfy my clients with captivating and attractive texts and stories. 



Very good translator! Recommended!


Lingo 24 Ltd., United Kingdom

Excellent translator, very reactive, high quality

Milega Servicios, Spain

Traductrice fiable et expérimentée.

F.P. from Asteria, Belgium